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Japow Tour

A three month tour of everything north of Tokyo. Powder, hikes, bike rides and videos.

Adding Things Up: Japow Tour

Adding things up Days in Japan: 87 Shred days: 14 Ski resorts: 12 Bike rides: 10 Hikes: 9 Prefectures: 8 Onsens: 3 Tanukis: 1 Photo by Sohara at Raspberry Hostel Minakami.

Photos From Japan

Japan Month 3 Part 2

The Urato Islands in Matsushima bay are part of Shiogama city, and although only one child lives there, an elementary school, built when the islands had more residents, is still being used with kids and all staff taking the 30… Continue Reading →

Japan Month 3 Part 1

Japan is expensive. After two months of living in Shiogama, with no dumpsters to eat out of, high cost of groceries, and an insatiable appetite for powder snow and checking off as many places as possible, I was running dry… Continue Reading →

Japan Month 2

I may have forgotten to mention that Shiogama, where base camp (lol) would be located lies on Matsushima Bay, one of the Three Great Scenic Views of Japan, a large bay on the Sanriku Coast, dotted with sharp rocky pine… Continue Reading →

Fox-Trotting Japan: Episode Three

Fox-Trotting Japan: Episode Two

Japan: Month 1

Tokyo felt near deserted over New Years. None of big crowds I was accustomed to hearing about, with the exception of the shrines and temples where thousands flocked for the year. Emily gave me the gist and nuances of what… Continue Reading →

Fox-Trotting Japan: Episode One


I was expecting the thirteen hour long flight to Japan when I left my apartment and roommates behind at 3am. I was expecting shoulder burn from carrying ski equipment and luggage on public transit to the airport, the grilling by… Continue Reading →

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